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Some people seem to be frozen in time and wear the same hairstyle from high school onward. Others become fashion victims, dashing to stylists to have their hair cut to match the latest photo of a popular rock star. Both approaches to style can be moderated. Old cuts can be updated to similar, more modern ones that can enhance an older face. A drastic style change, on the other hand, may not be flattering and actually make a person feel less self-confident. An experienced stylist can create a flattering look that goes with a person’s hair texture and lifestyle. Think of it this way: it would be inappropriate to put a modern frame on a Rembrandt painting.

With over 25 years in business, we have established a reputation as one of the best salons in the tri-state area, with expertise in color, color correction, precision cutting and the most cutting edge styling techniques. Our professional, European trained stylists are educated in the most current trends and techniques. If you have never been in to visit us, stop by for a complimentary consultation and free trial size of our Organic DE Haircare Line!

HINT: If a person’s forehead is short, bangs should begin farther back on the head and extend farther onto the face.

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