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Hair that is curly rather than kinky can be changed into pin-straight tresses with a Japanese hair straightening treatment. A special chemical solution that breaks down each hair’s shape is used to saturate the hair. After approximately 20 minutes, the solution is rinsed out and the hair is dried with a blow dryer. Then it is carefully flat-ironed in small, separate sections. Once all the hair has been ironed flat, a neutralizer is applied that locks in the straightness. For three days after this treatment, hair should not be washed or twisted into a ponytail. Pin-straight hair is the only styling option, as rollers and curling irons will not restore waves in treated hair.

If you’ve been thinking about a Japanese hair straightening treatment, please call our salon to learn more. Our professional, European trained stylists are educated in the most current trends and techniques; they will know if your hair is a good candidate for this treatment. If you have never been in to visit us, stop by for a complimentary consultation and free trial size of our Organic DE Haircare Line! “Your Beauty is Our Business!”

HINT: Japanese hair straightening is permanent and can’t be reversed without enduring a complete grow-out. New growth can be treated to keep the straight style.

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