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The frequency of shampooing hair is often influenced by cultural norms. Sixty years ago many women in the United States had their hair shampooed and styled at a salon once a week; hair was not washed between visits. Just a few years ago, daily washing or multiple washings per week became standard. Salons today are reporting that people are returning in increasing numbers to weekly shampooing as opposed to submitting their locks to more frequent scrubbing. Your stylist can advise you about a healthy hair regimen, but how often you wash your hair is ultimately your decision. Your preference will most likely be based upon the kind of hair you have, how you wear it, and your overall lifestyle.

From haircuts to blow dries, color to highlights, small changes to reinventions – every hairdresser at our spa is trained extensively by David Ezra himself. Our stylists at David Ezra Salon & Spa in Wayne NJ consult one-on-one with you to complete your experience so you can be assured that you are receiving personal treatment with results as individual as you. To book an appointment, please give us a call. With over 25 years in business, we have established a reputation as one of the best salons in the tri-state area.

­HINT: Dry powders are available over-the-counter that will absorb some of the excess natural oil produced between shampoos.

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