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Today, many people color their hair. Not all hair color is created equal, though. Some color products remove natural pigments while others replace or cover up what is found in the hair shaft. A temporary change may be achieved with color that does not contain ammonia. Primarily, the outer portion of the hair shaft is covered with dyes that are deposited when the product is applied. This coating will wash off after a number of shampoos, leaving the individual with his or her original hair color. Permanent color generally lifts the original color and deposits the selected shade within the hair’s shaft. Consult with a salon professional as to the best choice of color products for your hair type.

Our professional hair color lines create natural brunettes, sexy blonds, and sassy reds. Highlights and lowlights with the right hue, light level, and richness can make you stand out in the crowd. We use the most innovative and revolutionary processes to color and highlight your hair. Our skills have been developed to create customized color, cut, and styles that enhance the beauty of every client. To book an appointment, please give us a call.

HINT: Minerals and plants have been used to color hair for thousands of years.

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