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After more than 30 years in this industry, I often get asked what keeps me motivated and inspired. My answer is my clients, my fellow hairdressers, and my product line. As a hairdresser and colorist since the age of 15, I've traveled extensively for training and inspiration always coming back to my salons to share my knowledge and experience with my staff.

In 2010, I became frustrated at the amount of chemicals that were being used in the hair industry and was especially disillusioned with the results of many of the products that I was recommending to my clients. It became apparent that fewer harsh chemicals and more organic ingredients were the better way to cleanse, condition, and style hair while drastically reducing color fading.

We became dedicated to creating a clean, effective, organically developed line and we have done it all on our own and by our own rules since the beginning. Our clients couldn't be happier. Their hair is in better condition, it behaves predictably and their color always looks fabulous which makes my job even easier. I'm proud of the line and as it continues to evolve and expand I know that others will love it too. Be my guest at one of my two salons and we can ensure that you will leave beautiful and happy every time.

David Ezra

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