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It used to be that women were primarily concerned with the look of their toenails and feet prior to the beginning of the beach season. All that has changed with the new fashion push to wear sandals and open-toed shoes for evening wear. As a result, the pedicure has become as basic a part of overall beauty maintenance as the manicure. And, nail length is every bit as much a consideration with a pedicure as with a manicure. Longer toenails lengthen the toes to give them a more elegant appearance. Beyond that, one of the extras currently in vogue involves waxing the toes and the top of the feet. Nicely groomed feet make a woman feel happy, not just pretty.

If you’re not prone to moisturize your feet daily, a pedicure is an important source of moisture; this is true especially as we approach winter. Moisturizing your feet prevents cracks from forming and causing infections. Give your feet the relaxation and attention they deserve with one of our pedicures. By keeping your feet healthy, you will feel better and have more energy. To book a pedicure, please call our salon and spa.

HINT: An acid-peel pedicure is for heels and calluses.

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