Radiant skin is always in style—no matter your style. David Ezra Salon & Spa's spa facial treatments will give you glowing results, purify your skin and allow you to see a difference in your overall appearance.

DE-Luxe Facial                                                                                 89

Series Package of Four $302.60 = $75.65 each

An essential starting point for any skin type that is customized to address imperfections, nourish and soothe.

Clear Skin Facial                                                                            109

Series Package of Four $370.60 = $92.65 each 

This deep cleansing treatment addresses problematic, oily skin prone to

breakouts. Steam, exfoliation and extractions will banish imperfections.

Microdermabrasion                                                                     150

Series Package of Four $510 = $127.50 each

Exfoliate the outer layer of dead epidermal skin cells with or without crystals to reveal the new refreshed layer of skin.

HydroDermabrasion Facial                                                       150

Series Package of Four: $510 = $127.50 each

This facial treatment will resurface, hydrate, clear acne and brighten the skin. Experience instantly glowing skin! 

Hydrafacial                                                                                     199

Named #1 Facial by NEW BEAUTY magazine. Cleanse | Exfoliate | Extract

Customized for ALL SKIN TYPES!

Dermaplaning Facial                                                                  130

This facial includes cleansing skin prep with additional physical exfoliation. Instead of using granules, a sterile, surgical scalpel is used to gently "shave" the skin's surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair (a.k.a peach fuzz). 

Dermaplaning Treatment Add on to a selection of 50min facials      50

Sculpla Facial Treatment                                                           189

Experience Filler-like results with a topical treatment to reduces fine lines, tightens & lift! Treatments last up to 6 weeks. 

1 Treatment $189     -   3 Treatments $499   -    5 Treatments $830


Rezenerate Facial Treatment                                                   125

Non-Invasive alternative to Micro-needling to promote Collagen & Elastin Production

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening                                            120 

30 minute treatment to smooth fine Lines & wrinkles and stimulate Collagen & Elastin production. Treatments can be performed on the neck, décolleté as well for a $45 upgrade per area.

Light Facial Peel                                                                      139

Series Package  of Four $472.60 = $118.15 each

Light peel will reveal healthier smoother skin with no downtime. Skin is invigorated, clearer and glowing.

(aka a lunch time peel)

Intermediate Facial Peel                                                     189 

Exfoliates deeper improving fine lines, acne lesions and uneven skin tone.

Advanced Facial Peel                                                          229

Trans-formative treatment layered and customized for maximum results reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and uneven texture.(downtime 7-14 days)

Age Smart Facial                                                                    139

Anti-aging treatment utilizing an ultrasonic blade, & an Enzymatic peel to deep cleanse, firm, lift and revitalize the skin.

Express Mini Facial                                                                  55

Series Package of Four $187 = $46.75 each

Effective customized treatment for those on the go...

Back Facial                                                                                150

Bare your back with confidence.

Oxygen Facial                                                                          225

Oxygen facial involves the infusion of oxygen in the skin to beautify it and solves many skin problems. It is cooling in nature, providing calmness for an automatic glow.  Intake of oxygen hydrates the skin to obtain younger, brighter and smoother skin. It exfoliates and rejuvenates skin texture in an easy and quick way. Lastly, ​​it kills, prevents and cures bacterial infection on skin due to the antioxidants that oxygen presents.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Fat & Cellulite Treatment | Skin Tightening | Body Firming | Slimming Treatment

1 Treatment $145

6 Treatments $750

8 Treatments $920

10 Treatments $1000

VIP Member Pricing $100/Treatment

Buy 4 Facial Services in a Series Package, Get 15% OFF

Series packages are not sharable and can not be split between more than 1 person.

Spa Cancellation Policy 

David Ezra Salon & Spa takes pride in our ability to provide personal service to all of our clients. We require a credit card to secure an appointment time. We ask that you give a 24 hour cancellation/change notice in the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Inside 24 hours, any cancellation or change to a spa appointment will result in a charge of 50% of the services to your account. Any Groupon spa appointment cancellations will result in the automatic redemption of voucher. Same day no-shows/no calls will be charged 50% for all scheduled services and/or packages. Cancellations and No-shows affect us & other clients greatly as we are unable to service the clients on our wait list without ample notice and we thank you for your understanding.