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Airbrush Spray Tan

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Face                                                                    15

Legs                                                                    20

Half Body                                                            30

Full Body                                                             45

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PRE-Spray Tan

 -Shower and exfoliate on the day of your tan and avoid using products that contain essential oils or perfume.

 -Hair removal (shaving/waxing) should be done at least 24 hours before spray tan. 

 -Hair & Nail appointments should be done BEFORE your airbrush tan.

 -Do not wear makeup, deodorant or oily skin products to appointment & avoid moisturizers 24 hrs before tan.

 -Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops (avoid string tops and anything that clings to the skin).

 -Certain products can affect the quality of the tan. ex: perfume, deodorant, moisturizer & oil-based cosmetics.

Spray Tan Aftercare

  -Following your spray tan, wear loose dark clothing.

  -Do not put your hands in water or get the skin wet - this will affect the development of the tan.

 - Do not touch the skin with your hands as the tan solution will transfer to palms.

 - Do not wax/shave 24 hours after tan.

 - Avoid exercise or activity that may cause sweating during the first 4-8 hours after the tan is applied.

 - Tan develops within 4-8 hours but to allow maximum DHA development, wait a certain amount of time before showering:

            - Pale/Hard to tan skin: 8-12hrs

            - Medium/Sallow skin: 6-8hrs.

 - Moisturize twice daily following the spray tan. Only use a product that does not contain essential oils as these oils creates      a faster fade.
- A follow up spray tan can be applied 5-10 days after the initial spray tan.

 - It is recommended that for every 5 weeks of spray tanning, the skin should be left to rest for 10 days, allowing the tan to          completely disappear. This will help prevent patchiness and areas of uneven wear.

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