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The most important advantage of obtaining a professional perm at a salon is the knowledge that the process will be correct, and therefore safe. Professional stylists analyze a client’s hair before applying any chemicals. After determining the health, texture, and type of hair, stylists can recommend certain solutions or processes that won’t cause further damage or lead to breakage and hair loss. Other advantages to professional perms include choice of style and curl selection. With a professional perm there is a choice as to how tight or loose the curls will be and how much chemical will really be necessary to provide long-lasting curl. Finally, a stylist can quickly troubleshoot anything that goes amiss with the perm or waving process.

Our professional, European trained stylists are educated in the most current trends and techniques. Their skills have been developed to create customized color, cut, and styles that enhance the beauty of every client. Our nail technicians, skin care specialists, and makeup artists are experts in their craft. If you have never been in to visit us, stop by for a complimentary consultation and free trial size of our Organic DE Haircare Line! “Your Beauty is Our Business!”

P.S. When choosing a perm type it is best to keep hair texture, length, and style in mind.

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