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If you are applying #eyeshadow to round eyes, use the round shadow brush to apply the lightest color in your palette to the inner half of the eyelid, from the lash line up to the crease. Then, dust the mid-tone color onto the outer half of the lid. This brings the focus to the outside of the lid instead of the middle. Finally, line the inner and outer rims of the top and bottom lids with a soft eye pencil. By eliminating the lightness on the lower lid, you help better define the eye. The resultant look makes use of the interplay of light and dark shadows to diminish the tendency of a round eye to look bulging.

Let the makeup artists at David Ezra Salon & Spa in Wayne NJ help you find the perfect look to encompass your unique personality as well as your individual flair. From applications to lessons, our makeup artists put their experience and love of cosmetics to work, helping to highlight your most radiant you. To book a lesson or a beauty treatment, please give us a call. We have established a reputation as one of the best salons in the tri-state area, with expertise in color, color correction, precision cutting and the most cutting edge styling techniques.

HINT: Use two brushes to apply eye shadow—one with soft, domed bristles (to blend into corners and creases) and a stiff flat brush (to deposit color along the lash line).

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