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A soothing facial can be a stress reliever as well as a healthy experience for facial skin. The gentle, specific finger motions used by a spa professional relax facial muscles and stimulate blood flow. Increased blood flow helps in the production of collagen that improves the skin’s elasticity. Hydrating cream or moisturizer is smoothed into the skin and will minimize tiny lines. This additional moisture combined with the increased blood flow leaves the skin soft and glowing. Experts feel that a facial should last about 20 minutes, as extended stimulation to the facial muscles can decrease the benefits of the treatment. Regular facials can help minimize the signs of aging while providing an enjoyable pampering experience.

While there is no way to stop the aging process, a variety of facial treatments and technologies may help slow the skin-aging process and offer you more youthful, supple skin. Our salon offers a variety of facials such as the Revitalizing Organic Facial. This innovative treatment is designed to refresh and rejuvenate sun damaged, hyper-pigmented skin. Natural fruit acids exfoliate you skin, and herbal cucumber masks soothe and heal. We also offer an express mini facial for those on the go!

HINT: Always move skin in an upward motion when applying creams or make-up to the face to counteract the effects of gravity on facial skin.

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