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Your eyebrows frame your eyes and are “front and center” on your face; therefore, they should be properly shaped and well maintained. A consultation will help you decide how they should be arched, their fullness, and how defined they should be. A salon professional will typically do eyebrow waxing at a private station. To begin with, your brows may be trimmed with scissors if necessary. The area will be cleansed, powder will be used, and warm wax will be applied to the hairs to be eliminated. After the wax hardens and is removed, the area will be cleansed to take away any residue, reduce redness, and calm the skin. Tweezers will then be used to fine-tune the brows to perfection.

Shaping your eyebrows is the easiest, most important thing you can do to make yourself look and feel more gorgeous. They instantly show off your eyes, reveal your beauty and polish your overall look. To schedule an appointment for eyebrow shaping, please call our salon. We are a full service salon that provides hair, skin and nail services. Our mission is to make sure that every person who enters our salon leaves looking and feeling like a million bucks!

HINT: Eyebrow waxing is a type of semi-permanent hair removal.

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